Achieve Focused Growth & Elevated Results

Achieve Focused Growth & Elevated Results

Achieve Focused Growth & Elevated ResultsAchieve Focused Growth & Elevated ResultsAchieve Focused Growth & Elevated Results

Client Delight


Changed the Way We Pursued Work

Jonni changed the way we pursued work.  She implemented a new strategy that prequalified clients that best aligned with our strengths and offered new work opportunities for our sector.  As a result, our business grew exponentially, which helped position RTKL as a powerful player in the market.  She enjoys coaching and mentoring others - helping them identify their strengths and achieve advancement.  I consider her a great friend and a respected colleague.

Brad Barker

EVP Global Practice Leader, CallisonRTKL (Retired)

Win for Important New Client for New Office

Jonni's presentation coaching helped our team win a key project for our office. She helped us create content through story boarding, developing our message, and setting the tone in our delivery style.  Her superpower is her ability to pull ideas from the team that they may not have thought of or would have taken for granted.  She builds better teams and is genuine in her desire to prepare others for success.  The team was more relaxed and confident due to our work together.

I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

Michael Smith

Partner, E4H

Increasing Opportunities for Women & Diversity

Jonni served on a core group of three that included the CEO & Director of HR to launch a women’s leadership group focused on improving outcomes for women and diversity in architecture.  She worked to influence stakeholders on the business case for increasing opportunities for women and diversity at the firm and engaged employees to develop relevant programming along with an organization that works with Fortune 500 companies to increase equity in the workplace.   


Jonni is an enjoyable person to work with and is supportive to employees at all levels who want to improve their professional skills.  She encouraged and coached employees to take risks and demonstrate their value to the firm.  The 4wrd initiative – For Women, Resolve and Diversity is stronger due to Jonni’s efforts. 


Janet Tatten

Director HR, E4H

Genuinely Cares About Her Clients Success

I have known Jonni for over a decade.  I have always found her to be professional, knowledgeable and tenacious.  She genuinely cares about her clients, knowing their success is paramount.  She thinks innovatively and strategically always pushing for improvement.  We served on a board together where she led and reinvented our sponsorship program - due to her efforts, she was the most successful "friend raiser" we've had.

Pamela Stoyanoff, MBA, CPA

President & COO, Methodist Health System

Insightful Strategic Thinker

Jonni is an insightful strategic thinker.  She knows how to look ahead to advance a firm and it's clients to the next level.  She was instrumental in refocusing how we pursued work and put structure and systems in place to keep us aligned in our goals for growth. She is a dedicated professional who has a depth of knowledge, vast connections and is a team organizer that drives an overall pursuit.  She is a valuable asset to any organization.


Principal, FKP/CannonDesign

Expand Your Vision, Inspire Your Organization, Grow Your Company

Jonni’s ability to see the big picture helped us to get clear on the trajectory of our organization and to implement the necessary action steps needed to obtain our desired outcomes.  The immediate benefit was the momentum we gained after she helped us think on a larger scale and plan further out.  Her support encouraged us all to dream bigger, play bigger and succeed.  She has a unique ability to hear your highest values and what is most important to you and your company.  Her skill set has empowered us to take the necessary steps to scale up for success. I highly recommend Jonni if you choose to expand your vision, inspire your organization and grow your company. 

Honor Godin

Founder/Director of Honor School

Director of Public Relations, Eveolution Retreats

About Us


Achieve the Extraordinary

By partnering with us, we will focus your team on building authentic relationships, achieving increased revenue, building your brand, and driving strategic efficiency.  We will put in place an effective path to achieve your goals. 


Depth of Experience

With 20+ years in business developing growth strategies and relationships, our record speaks for itself.  Our focus is to establish long term friendships with clients that are serious about positive growth and are passionate about achieving results that put them at their peak.


An Extension of You

Day to day operations can pull you and your team in multiple directions.  Let us assist you with key strategic issues that get put on the back burner too often.  Call us to achieve extraordinary results together today.    



Strategic Focus & Differentiation

The systems we put in place are replicable for success so that your team will consistently achieve peak performance. Our targeted approach to focus, to reinvent and facilitate revenue stream creation will propel you to the top of your summit and ahead of the pack.


Business Development Planning & Training

Relationship Development, Profile Development, putting Processes in Place for Success as well as Business Development Coaching and Presentation Training are important to your growth today and tomorrow. These skills ensure ease of succession and inspire and motivate your team as you invest in them.


Research Development

Tools such as Marketplace Needs & Market Gap Analyses, Client Perception Surveys, Competitive and/or SWOT Analyses will give you an understanding of what your clients want and what is missing in the marketplace.  Internal Gap Analyses and Culture Valuations give an edge in retention and recruitment.  Looking to grow geographically?  We provide the insight needed.  These tools will provide market awareness that will take your firm to the next level.

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